Ensure precision irrigation in more challenging fields.

Available on both center pivots and linears, Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Zone Control is ideal for maximizing your water application efficiency in more challenging fields. This includes: varying topography, ditches, bogs, varying soil types, and canals. By breaking your sprinkler package into zones, you can create more than 5,000 sectors in your field to micromanage water application - each based on your needs.

Valley VRI Zone Control technology improves precision irrigation to enhance your agricultural productivity.

valley vri zone control

VRI Zone Control Features

  • Customized management zones: Your field is divided into more than 5,000 management zones with optimized water application in every sector.
  • Precise application depth: A customized VRI prescription is uploaded and creates a sprinkler control plan that pulses valves along the center pivot or linear zones to achieve your desired application depth.
  • Flexible: Utilizes your new or existing sprinkler package.
  • Adjustable for challenging areas: Can be used for on/off control for specific areas you may not want to water, such as ditches, canals, wet areas, or other spots in the field.
  • Standard with any Valley ICON smart panel.
  • Options: Available with any Pro2 control panel or AutoPilot Linear (for linears). VRI software upgrade required.
  • Required hardware: VRI Zone Control box, VRI control panel hardware and control valves for each sprinkler that will be managed by VRI Zone Control.

How VRI Zone Control Works

  1. A VRI Zone Control Prescription is uploaded to your Valley ICON® or Pro2 control panel (for center pivots), or AutoPilot Linear control panel (for linears).
  2. The VRI Zone Control feature is turned on in the control panel.
  3. When your center pivot or linear is running with water, the application depth is adjusted by changing the sprinkler control valve pulse rate for the individual sectors. This change in pulse rate is based on the percentage of application depth set in the prescription.

Valley Value


Saves money by placing water only where it's needed, when it's needed.


Valley-engineered for long life.

Specific sectors in your field get as much, or as little, water as they need.


Use existing sprinkler packages and the Valley ICON smart panel or Pro2 control panel (for center pivots), or AutoPilot Linear control panel (for linears).


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