Unparalleled Water Application

As the leader in center pivot technology, Valley helps you conserve water, produce greater yields and increase profitability. EnCompass is water application made smarter.

Corner arms were a revolution in center pivot technology, helping you irrigate 14% more acres. The additional yield potential put extra money in your pocket, but not all corner arms are created equal. Inaccurate nozzle controls can lead to both over- and under-watering when the corner arm is extending or retracting.

The EnCompass water application solution is the next level in accurate water application, automatically adjusting as the corner is moving, resulting in improved uniformity.

EnCompass Benefits

    • Bring unmatched uniformity to your entire field to maximize yield of corner areas.
      • GPS data used to automatically adjust corner sprinkler control in real time.
      • Corner arm sprinklers pulse on and off, providing the exact flow needed.
    • Automatic Application Adjustments for Any Field.
      • Operate in a leading or trailing position allowing for superior application uniformity in any direction or around any obstacle.
      • Apply water evenly across the field.

EnCompass Features

  • Simple to operate with automatic water application adjustments
  • Sprinklers are individually controlled to maximize uniformity under the corner span
  • Available on all Valley corner models.
  • Compatible with both Below Ground Guidance and Valley GPS Guidance.
  • 3-Way valve option available for surface water applications.

EnCompass Specifications

  • New or existing Valley corners
  • ClassicPlus, Select, Pro or ICON pivot control panels
  • 2-Way or 3-Way VRI iS valves

Literature on EnCompass

EnCompass One-SheeterPDF4.60 MB Download

Valley Value


Valley-exclusive speed-up timer can be set to increase the speed of your center pivot up to 100% to reduce over watering when operating in bending mode.


Integrated back-up safeties prevent your center pivot from over bending, ensuring it returns to normal operation after bending.

Improved water application while maximizing irrigated acres.


You have the option to add more than one bender product on one center pivot


Know what’s happening in your fields no matter where you are.

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