Irrigation Pumping Stations to Match Your Needs

At Valley we listen to your needs and provide solutions the deliver results. With an emphasis on design, analysis and manufacturing, Valley engineers and delivers world-class pumping stations. We utilize quality components, combined with the latest technology to provide reliable and long-lasting integrated pumping solutions for irrigation.

Floating Pump Stations

Floating pump systems from Valley are self-priming and float directly in the water source, offering a functional alternative to traditional surface water irrigation. Our floating pump systems are fully customizable, from intake strainer type to discharge hose type, and are available with or without control and instrument options.

Almost every aspect is built to ensure your pumping operation is efficient and successful. We can also custom-design barges for vertical turbine pump applications. Valley floating pump stations provide simplicity of installation, as well as efficiency and integration that simplify your operation.

Custom-Engineered Stations

Sometimes standard pumping solutions just won't deliver everything you need. That's why Valley delivers custom pumping options tailored for a wide variety of water pumping solutions. Our team of engineers and water delivery experts deliver unique designs and offer a wide variety of pumping systems, horsepower and accessories.

Our team will help you identify the specific situation and craft a durable, efficient system for your operation. Trust the Valley team to provide custom solutions.

Skid-Mounted Pump Stations

Skid-mounted pump stations are self-contained, and built by Valley to be easily transported and installed. Useful in a wide range of conditions and locations, they are powered by the Valley VFD, the industry standard in motor control.

The wide variety of pumping horsepower options mean there are virtually no limits to the customization, size or capability we can offer. Valley skid-mounted pump stations deliver the versatility you need no matter where you need it.

Benefits of Valley Pump Stations

  • Maximized efficiency – designed as a complete system to ensure compatibility of components
  • Integrated controls – pre-engineered and tested instrumentation and control systems
  • Intuitive remote telemetry – wireless remote monitoring and control with Valley Pump Command
  • Connected through Valley 365® – link to your fleet of pivots and linears
  • Flexibility – Valley offers a variety of engineered solutions to meet your specific needs, including the ability to add future capacity.
Literature on Valley Pump Stations
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Valley Value


Numerous built-in protection features ensure your pumping solution operates smoothly.


Field-proven with thousands of units in operation.

Responds to a pre-programmed input signal to vary pump speed to match your exact requirements.


Uses the best and most versatile water pumping software (Yaskawa iQPump® 1000) on the market.


Valley dealers offer fast, dependable service.  

Your Local Valley Dealer

Only your local Valley dealer can give you the best advice on which irrigation equipment and options are right for you. Find your dealer today!