Better Flow with Maximum Durability, Minimum Maintenance

The Valley® 3000 is a spool-type electromagnetic flowmeter for use in irrigation applications in 4” to 12” pipe. With no moving parts, the Valley 3000 provides unobstructed flow and superior resistance to wear from debris that can be found in ground or surface water.

The standard Valley 3000 is battery powered with an available pulse output. Both rate and total indication are displayed. Bidirectional flow reading comes standard with totals available in forward, reverse and net flow. Built-in data logging is an available option for secure flow logging.

Set your rate, total units, pulse scaling and various other settings on the front panel touch keypad.

valley 3000 flowmeter

Valley 3000 Benefits

  • Unobstructed flow
  • Superior resistance to wear from debris
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Optimal for piping configurations where there is little space between the meter and a fitting or valve

Valley 3000 Features

  • Easy setup
  • Minimal straight pipe
  • Mounted or remote rate and total
  • Tamper-evident seal
  • Telemetry-ready for wireless meter reading
  • Pulse or 4-20 mA output
  • Battery-powered with DC power option
  • Options available for remote communications

Valley 3000 Specifications

  • Correct flowmeter for: irrigation, chemigation, agricultural automation, well usage monitoring, and dairy and livestock lagoons
  • Rate and total indicator with light sensor
  • Power and output cable port access
  • Equalization log
  • Santoprene/Polypropylene liner
  • User access lid
  • Data logger port
  • Powder-coated, diecast aluminum electronics housing
  • 316SS electrodes
  • Welded steel epoxy-coated flow tube
  • Flanges, 150 lb. ANSI pattern

Valley Value


No moving parts, no bearings to wear out, and no propellers to stop turning.


Valley structures are engineered for long life.

Front panel touch keypad ensures accurate setting of rate, total units, pulse scaling and various other settings.


Multiple communication protocols available; can be integrated into AgSense® and BaseStation3™.


Valley dealers offer fast, dependable service.  

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