Overcome the Toughest Terrain and Make Quick Cycles Easier

Valley® Irrigation engineered the high-speed center drive in response to growers who want to reduce or eliminate many of the expenses of applying crop protectants. The Valley X-Tec ®   family of products lets growers apply protectants uniformly and at the proper concentration directly through the pivot.

Speed like this can benefit a wide variety of crops and is ideal for precise application during germination and for cooling your high-value crops in the heat of the day.

Get ready to optimize your machine and your inputs as the investment in an X-Tec high-speed center drive can reduce labor, equipment rentals, and maintenance costs.

Valley Irrigation keeps moving irrigation forward with industry-leading technology. X-Tec center drives give operators the option to move 4 times as fast as a standard pivot 34 RPM drive with the X-Tec 136 or 10 times faster with the X-Tec 343, completing a standard circle in just 90 minutes.

X-Tec Drive Benefits

  • 2x to 10x faster passes – Enable light water applications, ideal during germination or for cooling the crop canopy.
  • Constant move results in less wear on the machine and increased uptime.
  • Reduce labor and costs – Apply crop protectants directly through the pivot.
  • Simplify your operation – Allows operators to quickly move the machine to work in the field.
  • Split crops – Makes irrigation of split-crop fields simpler and more effective.
  • Save time and money – Chemigate and fertigate quicker; avoid over-watering areas; use less water overall.

X-Tec Drive Features

  • Utilizes 3.0 HP Inverter duty high-speed center drive and industry standard Variable Frequency Drive to deliver unmatched speeds and enable applications of crop protectants.
  • Controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive, which decreases the startup load on your drive train and increases component life.
  • Designed to work with Valley machines and connect with Valley 365® for easy monitoring and control.
  • No special hardware required for setup and installation.

Compare Our Industry-Leading Drives

Standard X-Tec 136  X-Tec 343
Motor Control Technology Electrical Contactor Variable Frequency Drive Variable Frequency Drive
Motor Standard AC Motor Inverter Duty High Speed AC Motor Inverter Duty High Speed AC Motor
Motor HP 0.6 3.0 3.0
Center Drive Ratio 52: 1 40: 1 20: 1
Center Drive RPM 34 136 343
Torque High Intermediate Moderate*
Lap time 16 hr 4 hr 1.5 hr

* X-Tec 343 has a 5% slope limitation

Literature on X-Tec

X-Tec One-SheeterPDF205.25 KB Download

Valley Value


Industry standard VFD Drive delivers proven dependability.


Advanced 3HP invertor duty AC motor provides power for maximum speeds.

Patented, precision alignment system.


Electronic braking technology keeps the machine where you want it.


Valley dealers offer fast, dependable service.  

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