Free Up Time with Smart, Highly Intuitive Irrigation

The Valley® ICON10 features the largest touchscreen in the new Valley ICON®  line of smart panels. It’s similar to using the touchscreen on your tablet, but it’s on your center pivot.

valley icon10 smart panel for center pivot irrigation

ICON10 Benefits

  • Increased flexibility
  • Control at the pivot and control remotely
  • No more damaged crops from driving to the pivot point
  • Time and money savings

ICON10 Features

  • Highly visible: 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display
  • Easy-to-Use: Intuitive interface
  • Advanced: AgSense® comes built in and ready to use
  • Flexible: BaseStation3™ compatible
  • Maximizes benefit: Variable rate irrigation (VRI) equipped
  • Secure: Cable theft monitoring (additional hardware or subscription required)
  • Supports pivot and linear machines

Valley Value


Intuitive, graphical user interface and simple commands create the most user-friendly center pivot control ever made.


Modular panel comes equipped with transient and induced voltage protection.

Available with GPS Position.


Home screen can be customized to show what is important to you.


Valley dealers offer fast, dependable service.  

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