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Valley 365 Machine Diagnostics Know Your Pivot Like Never Before

by Corby Bender | Oct 05, 2021
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From the invention of the center pivot to managing your irrigation remotely from anywhere in the world, agriculture constantly evolves. Each innovation was intended to produce more with fewer resources and less effort. And the pace of change is increasing; what was just imagination a few years ago is reality today.

Pivots are Made for More

You may see a pivot as the necessary tool to water crops for greater yield potential. That is true, but at Valley, we know it can be so much more and that a pivot is only as smart as the technology put into it.

Machine Diagnostics, the newest innovation from Valley Irrigation, is now available when you connect to Valley 365®. It’s not an exaggeration to say that now your pivot can talk to you—not with words, but with alerts. This industry-leading technology provides detailed insight to changes in pivot performance and health. Through sensor-driven technology, you can optimize the health of your pivot as it pinpoints the exact location of a fault related to alignment, tire inflation, motor and gearbox, or water application.

Choose what you want to monitor based on your machines and needs:

  • Alignment – Know which tower is out of alignment even before arriving at the pivot. One tower that’s out of alignment can cause difficulties with the entire pivot. You’ll receive an alert that lets you know which tower needs attention, saving you time during the troubleshooting process.
  • Tire pressure – Stay informed of tire pressure status at each tower. Receive notification when and where a tire loses pressure or goes flat. Take action when a tire becomes low by stopping the pivot in an accessible part of your field. In case of a flat tire, configure your machine to automatically shut down to avoid drive train component damage.
  • Motor and Gearbox – X-Tec® fault detection alerts with status details help Monitor individual drive train run time to keep track of key maintenance intervals at each tower. When paired with the X-Tec HS (high-speed) motor, Machine Diagnostics will alert you of any related faults to help minimize troubleshooting downtime.
  • Water application – Monitor your pivot’s water pressure at each tower to assure uniform application in varying terrain. Pivots require the right water pressure for proper water application over an entire field. Problems at the pump and uneven terrain can prevent your pivot from doing its job effectively. Machine Diagnostics will notify you immediately when and where to adjust.

Maximize Center Pivot Uptime

To benefit from Machine Diagnostics, you will need Valley 365, as well as a Valley ICON® smart panel. You will be able to set up any brand of pivot with Machine Diagnostics if it is equipped with an ICON panel and a Valley electronic conversion.

To receive detailed status alerts about motor and gearbox, you will need the X-Tec HS motor. With X-Tec HS, your gearbox and drive train move at speeds 10 times faster than a standard motor, allowing your pivot to do more.

Agriculture evolves. To stay ahead and maximize your operation efficiency, you need Machine diagnostics within Valley 365®. It’s the next step toward fully autonomous crop management. To learn more, contact your Valley Irrigation Dealer today.

Machine Diagnostics has limited availability. Restrictions may apply.

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