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Ag Influencer Shay Myers Demonstrates the Value of Center Pivot Irrigation

by User Not Found | May 05, 2022

Valley® Irrigation customers understand continuous innovation is at the forefront of all we do. Developing new methods to advance water conservation through irrigation technology to reduce inputs so growers can yield greater profitability. We strive to help growers make the most of every resource, even beyond water – resources such as labor, soil and fuel.

Sharing Values and Spreading the Word

Valley Irrigation customer and social media influencer Shay Myers shares our values. It’s exactly why Valley partners with Myers – to further educate his audience on the importance of water management by conserving resources and improving life.

While irrigators are familiar and prudent in adopting new technologies to further these practices for greater sustainability, Shay’s following also includes many who are not connected to agriculture – city dwellers, corporate business leaders, students, etc. His goal is to share where food comes from, the stewardship farmers demonstrate on the land, and the improvements in technology to reduce inputs.

Irrigation 101 – Gaining Efficiencies

Shay recently shared a video about how proper irrigation helps his operation, Owyhee Produce, located in Parma, Idaho. The third-generation farmer grows a variety of high-value crops such as onions, asparagus and watermelon.

Owyhee Produce uses all forms of irrigation: drip, flood and pivot irrigation. However, Myers believes center pivot irrigation is by far the most efficient way to water.

“First, you can control erosion,” he says. “If we have windy weather going on and we just need to hold the surface soil down, we can run the pivot at 100 percent. We can run it across the field as fast as possible and help hold that soil in place.”

Simple monitoring and control are also key. Myers uses his mobile phone to track his eight Valley pivots, which means he doesn’t require additional labor to move pipes and run irrigation machines, and he doesn’t have to drive to the field to see what’s happening there.

“You can monitor application rate, you can see how the pivot is performing,” explains Myers. “In certain circumstances, you can turn the water on and off without ever going into the field. In none of these other methodologies that I’m talking about is that possible, so it’s the most significant (irrigation technique) for reducing labor, as well.”

Myers also sees the advantage of pivot irrigation over drip and flood when it comes to delivering water uniformly through variable rate irrigation and looks forward to implementing this season.

The Advantage is Valley

Myers explains to his viewers and listeners that Valley is the only brand of pivot they have, and they plan to add more Valley pivots in the future. He appreciates the value of his Valley Dealer, Romans’ Precision Irrigation, and the support Valley provides during the most crucial moments of farming.

“You can’t have a pivot go down for more than a day and not have critical damage to the crop,” he says, “especially where we live, and especially with the high-value crops that we’re growing. When we look at who’s going to put in our overhead irrigation, it’s not just the price. It’s not just the equipment, it’s the service behind that equipment, as well.”

Watch Shay highlight the difference between irrigation methods and explain the importance of proper water management. Click here

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