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Your smart farm just got smarter

by Corby Bender | Oct 06, 2021

Valley 365 Grower
When we launched Valley 365 last year, the feedback was highly positive, but we discovered we could do more. Growers wanted additional features to conserve water and energy resources while promoting crop health. So we’ve taken our next-level connected crop management up another level.

Growers still benefit from single sign-on connectivity on the Valley 365 app and a modular service allowing them to customize the services they want and need within the platform. They can monitor and control all their irrigation in one place, and for more efficient water delivery through various technologies, they have access to integrated solutions including Valley SchedulingTM and Valley VRI.

Plus, in limited release regions, growers have access to Valley Insights® to virtually scout for crop health concerns related to water application, pests, disease, weeds and more, through a variety of methods including aerial imagery and pivot-mounted sensors. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Valley Insights provides early detection and enhanced scouting, so you can make informed decisions quickly during critical stages of crop development

Providing growers with even more options for remote irrigation management

At Valley, we realize the most dangerous words in agriculture are “we’ve always done it this way.” Farming must continue to be among the greatest innovators so we can feed and clothe the growing world population. So we didn’t rest after we successfully launched Valley 365; we continued to refine and add new feature sets.

Pump Command®

Valley Pump Command helps large and small farms save time and resources with automated pumping operation.

  • Intuitive Pump Control – All three tiers offer an automatic VFD set point control solution that automatically matches output to demand for multiple pumps and pivots
  • Maximized efficiency – Save energy and water at all times by using only the pressure required
  • Time savings – Eliminate trips to the pumps
  • Cost savings – Avoid the expensive and difficult digging necessary to install wires
  • Reporting capabilities – Integration with Valley irrigation management solutions for comprehensive recordkeeping
  • Flexibility – Valley offers several tiered solutions to meet your specific needs

Valley Variable Rate Irrigation

VRI allows growers the ability to optimize and apply accurately using field-specific prescriptions, maintaining plant health while maximizing yield. You can adjust watering rates to soil type, crop and topography for more precise water application, reducing over-watering, under-watering and even runoff.

Valley VRI Speed Control

  • The field is divided into a maximum of 180 sectors with optimized water application throughout.
  • A customized VRI prescription speeds up or slows down the center pivot to achieve the desired application depth across each sector.

Valley VRI Zone Control

  • The field can be divided into sectors with optimized water application in every zone.
  • A customized VRI prescription pulses the sprinkler control valves along the center pivot zones to achieve the desired application depth.
  • It can also be used for on/off control over areas in your field that don’t need to be irrigated.

Water Level Management

Valley 365 now offers water level management, an affordable, ultrasonic technology to measure water in fields above and below ground level in real time, remotely from anywhere. Growers can pair this technology with Valley pumping solutions to turn pumps on and off automatically.

To put Valley 365 to work in your fields, contact your local Valley Dealer today.