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Early Reviews Are In: Valley 365 is Advanced Yet User-Friendly

by CORBY BENDER2 | Jan 09, 2020

If you’re familiar with Rotten Tomatoes, you know it’s a website that compiles movie reviews from both critics and audiences. Then it gives them a score: if a movie is “certified fresh,” it gets a bright red tomato. If the movie isn’t so good, the site shows a spilled bucket of popcorn.

While Valley 365 isn’t a movie, “reviews” are important to us. We make it a point to talk to growers and listen to the feedback they give us while we are developing our innovative irrigation solutions to make sure we are meeting their needs.

Though Valley 365 is still in development, it will be released soon. We’ve been collecting feedback from customers along the way, and based on early reviews received at fall trade shows, Valley 365 is definitely going to be a hit!

Valley is … the Leader

As The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, we promise to deliver only the best. Valley 365 is the new single sign-on technology platform from Valley® Irrigation, and is ready for launch in early 2020.

Let’s break down that statement in more detail. First, what is a ‘single sign-on’ and why is that important?

Single sign-on means you access everything in one place. Everyone is tired of multiple passwords and multiple places to go to access what you need. According to InfoWorld, people today access an average of more than 40 accounts – from bank accounts to online shopping – so simplification and integration make a big difference in quality of life. Valley 365 improves the user experience with one login for all our technology solutions.

Farmer running his farm using Valley365

Next, what is a technology platform? Well, Valley 365 is more than just an app. It’s the complete package for total connected crop management.

Valley 365 combines our existing, tried-and-true technology products, leveraging all the best features from Valley, including AgSense®, Valley Scheduling™, Valley VRI and Valley Insights™. Using the features of these products, Valley 365 delivers industry-leading solutions for:

• Monitor & Control

• Forecast & Plan

• Optimize & Apply

• Insights & Analysis

Valley 365 lets you customize your operation and enhances your ability to manage your farm with the features you need and want.

Bringing all your favorites together in one powerful team: Valley 365 is like The Avengers of ag tech.

Stand By Me

Still, what WE say isn’t as important as what growers like you say.

“Very clear.” “Easy to understand.” “Easier to run.”

Those are all comments from growers who got a sneak peek at Valley 365 during the 2019 Farm Progress Show.

Here’s another grower’s comment: “The simplicity of Valley 365 is extremely important to me … The similarities between Valley 365 and AgSense make switching very easy.”

If you’re already a Valley technology customer, reviews like those above make us confident that customers who currently use AgSense, Valley Scheduling, Valley VRI or Valley Insights will have a simple and seamless transition.

For example, AgSense customers will be able to download the Valley 365 mobile app or go to www.Valley365.com, use their existing AgSense login, and access Valley 365 with all their devices already connected, and with no added cost or impact to operation.

To clarify, this does NOT mean that once you access Valley 365, AgSense is going away. We value our AgSense users and will continue to stand by you. You will be able to continue to use the AgSense app and the Valley 365 platform side by side until you are comfortable enough to make the commitment to Valley 365. We know you will, because Valley 365 not only leverages all the monitor and control features from AgSense, but also offers much more, with additional built-in solutions.

Said another way, Valley 365 helps to “future-proof” your farm.

Valley farmer in field looking at his Valley center pivot

Back to the Future

Valley 365 is the platform of the future, where new technology solutions will be developed and delivered, providing a seamless user experience and better data use across the platform. Valley is committed to technology and to offering innovative solutions, because that’s what our customers ask for. And that’s where the future of farming is going.

This grower review of Valley 365 says it all: “More user friendly and a lot more options for down the road.”

As a Valley technology customer, you can expect that Valley will live up to our company policy of continuous improvement. Valley 365 isn’t the final destination; it’s the next step on our incredible journey.

We’re committed to technology because we’re committed to our growers. We will provide you access to advanced solutions that help you do more with less. Valley technologies support the strength of our industry-leading pivot structures. Plus, all Valley solutions are backed by the superior service and support from your local Valley dealer.

Are you interested in learning more about Valley 365 or getting a preview before it’s available? Visit valleyirrigation.com/365 or talk to your Valley dealer. Valley 365 can help you irrigate tomatoes, popcorn or any crop in between. 

Ashley Anderson
Senior Product Manager
Valley Irrigation

Ashley was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where she attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Bellevue University, completing a BSBA and a MBA in Management and Marketing. When Ashley joined Valley Irrigation, she brought a background of software management skills to the team. In her role as Senior Product Manager, she has ownership of directing and supporting irrigation technology products, including Valley 365 and BaseStation3. In her spare time, she enjoys time spent with friends and family.