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A Mobile App For Irrigators Who Don't Use Mobile Apps Yet (Try It, You'll Like It!)

by CORBY BENDER2 | Apr 26, 2018

No, it’s not a new fitness app brought to you by Valley to track how fast you run – we will leave that to Nike. Valley® Irrigation Run Time® is a mobile application available to anyone to help keep track of irrigation operations. It is a simple tool that we released late in 2017 and is free to download, available for iOS and Android devices.

Think of it kind of like a diet tracking app – you put in the information of what you did, and it spits out usable data to tell you a summary. Instead of calories, it provides a run time calculation to determine how long an irrigation cycle will take to complete for a center pivot based on the start time and pivot attributes you enter.

Try Before You Buy

Grower-olderRun Time is ideal for the grower who is not quite ready for advanced telemetry.

The Run Time app is great for growers who don’t already use a monitor & control product like AgSense®, or for those who want to get a taste for what using an app for irrigation management would be like before they invest in a full remote irrigation management solution. The difference is that AgSense has communications with the devices in the field, such as Valley ICON® control panels. Run Time does not, but it helps to keep track of basic irrigation operations on the farm with manual entry.

At any time, you can see the remaining amount of run time for a given pivot. Also, the app keeps a log of past cycles and lets you know when one has completed with a push notification. This app is available worldwide in many different languages.

Benefits include:

• Reliability – trust an app designed and developed by Valley, The Leader In Precision Irrigation®

• Durability – forget the paper and pen, and always have your pivot run time information with you

• Precision – eliminate human error, and calculate pivot run time with increased accuracy

• Responsiveness – see your remaining center pivot run time in real time

• Advanced – get a solid introduction to the Valley line of advanced irrigation technology products

Developed From Grower Feedback

Grower-youngerValley Run Time was developed thanks to our extensive network of dealers and growers.

Valley Irrigation Run Time was developed from an idea from one of our Valley dealers and driven by voice of customer feedback. By using this input, Valley was able to create a usable tool for any grower.

Download the app today on the App Store or Google Play – give it a spin with your pivots and discover the value of irrigation monitoring!

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