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Top 5 Reasons Valley is the Best Value in Irrigation

by CORBY BENDER2 | Mar 29, 2018

Since 1954, Valley® Irrigation has been providing the most reliable irrigation equipment in the agriculture industry. Valley center pivots and linears provide precise water, chemical and fertilizer applications that improve crop yields, reduce labor costs, reduce runoff, and conserve water and energy.

1. Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies increase your quality of life. That means no more missed family dinners or Little League games. You can’t put a dollar amount on having peace of mind while spending time with your family.

Smart Panels

ICON-panel.pngValley ICON smart panels dramatically improve any operation, connecting the grower to the pivot.

Valley, the irrigation technology leader, brings you the smartest pivot control available today with the new Valley ICON® smart panels. The Valley ICON series has a solution for every need. Whether you’re buying a new pivot, upgrading your existing control panel or changing over from another brand of pivot, you have the advantage of operating an intuitive, full-color touchscreen interface.


grower-with-tech.pngRemote irrigation monitoring technologies like AgSense allow growers to see what their pivot is doing at any time from anywhere.

Only Valley offers AgSense®, allowing growers to monitor and control their pivots from any location with a computer, smartphone or tablet. And when you have an ICON smart panel, AgSense is already built in and ready to go!

AgSense remote irrigation management products use digital cellular technology to remotely monitor and control irrigation equipment. The benefit of choosing AgSense goes beyond features. Through the use of the AgSense App from your mobile device, you can gain access to all of your aggregated data, so you can put the information to work for you. For more information, visit agsense.com.

2. The strongest, most durable spans

spans.pngValley pivots are built to be durable and built to last. That is why Valley is the number-one irrigation company.

When it comes to investing in irrigation equipment, structural life is critical. The Valley brand is known for designing and building the most durable structures and the most advanced technologies, making it the first choice of growers who want to avoid costly repairs and increase the value of their land with irrigation equipment.

We have built our reputation by providing the most durable equipment available in the market, and we have the certified test data to prove it. That’s why 50% of center pivots in use today are Valley pivots.

Tests supervised by an independent professional engineer confirm the overall span design of a Valley is more efficient than all competitive manufacturers. The durability of a Valley makes it the best investment for your operation.

Benefits for you:

  • Best long-term life and value
  • Significant resale premium over other brands
  • Engineered with the strength needed to achieve maximum productivity


3. The best drive train

Gearbox.pngThe Valley gearbox is built in the USA and built to the highest standards, unparalleled in the irrigation industry.

The gearbox is the heart of your center pivot. If the gearbox isn’t working, the center pivot isn’t working. The Valley philosophy is to provide you with the most durable gearbox in the irrigation industry. That’s why only Valley has their own staff of gearbox design and manufacturing engineers to monitor product quality. All other manufacturers purchase a less-expensive gearbox from China that fails to provide the long life you expect from the Made-in-the-USA Valley gearbox.

25˚ Tooth Pressure Design

The Valley gearbox uses an industry-exclusive 25˚ tooth design. According to the American Gear Manufacturers Association’s worm gear design guide, a 25˚ pressure angle provides 40% more strength at the root than a 14.5˚ pressure angle, which is the design our competitors use. While the 14.5˚ tooth looks stronger, the wider width at the root of a 25˚ tooth actually provides more strength.

High-Strength Ductile Iron Worm Gear

The Valley gearbox uses high-strength, ductile iron worm gears instead of steel worm gears. The American Gear Manufacturers Association’s worm gear design guide states that the allowable load for ductile iron worms operating against a cast iron bull gear is 60% higher than a steel worm operating against a cast iron bull gear.

NTN Bearings

The Valley gearbox uses only NTN bearings made in the United States, making it the strongest and longest-lasting gearbox available. They are made using ultra-pure steel that is precision ground and surface hardened.

Longer Output Shaft

The Valley gearbox has an exclusive, longer output shaft that moves the wheel hub 2 inches away from the output seal. Our offset rims compensate for the longer shaft and actually move the center of the tire closer to the gearbox output bearing, reducing the overhang load on the bearing.

(Bonus Reason 3.5)

X-tec.pngThe Valley X-Tec center drive allows for full torque at any speed, covering more ground in less time and using the same amount of water.

Valley X-Tec®

The new Valley X-Tec® drive delivers the ultimate combination: top-performing speed for quick irrigation cycles and dynamic power to take on even the toughest terrains. The patented alignment technology and robust DC motor keep the pivot moving at a smooth and consistent pace, even over varied terrain.

Powerful X-Tec Features:

  • Full torque at all speeds
  • Patented, consistent precision alignment
  • Low-inertia rotor
  • Electric braking technology
  • Robust design provides lasting durability
  • Soft starts allow for smooth acceleration of the motor

4. Balanced Design for Long-Term Life

trussing.pngEvery part of a Valley pivot is important, but the trussing is vital. Valley components are second to none.

Valley equipment is designed to work for you! Custom-designed pipes and trussing engineered for each span length ensure a smooth crown and truss shape, resulting in uniform component loads throughout the span for long-term life. Other manufacturers’ use of universal pipes and trussing force the components together, resulting in non-uniform span shapes and uneven component loads.

Truss Rods

Valley truss rod heads are forged from a solid rod. For maximum fatigue strength (i.e., long cyclic life), we take two unique steps in manufacturing our truss rods – the rod diameter is increased under the rod head; and a larger radius is forged where the rod head meets the rod diameter

These steps result in rod diameters larger than those of competitors, for additional strength, and eliminate problems associated with welded assemblies. Additionally, Valley rods are hot-dipped galvanized for maximum, long-term corrosion protection.

Truss Rod Sockets

Valley truss rod sockets are two-piece, precision-stamped assemblies sized to fit the individual rod diameters and firmly hold the truss rods in the center of the socket. The socket assembly is held together with three bolts to prevent misalignment and ensure the truss rod heads are uniformly loaded.

Benefits for you:

  • Truss rods remain centered for uniform load
  • Uniform load on truss rod heads result in longer machine life
  • Keeps your machine standing and operating correctly

Valley Truss Angle Attachment Assembly

Valley truss angle attachment assemblies are precision-welded with significantly more weld area on the pipe to distribute the truss angle loads over a large section of pipe. Other center pivot manufacturers just weld a small angle on to the pipe, which concentrates the load on a small section of the pipe. Our truss angle attachment design is more expensive than that of our competitors, but by distributing the load over a larger section of pipe, 12-gauge pipe can be used, providing your best cost-value.

Benefits for you:

  • Significantly reduces the pipe’s stress
  • Reduces the load concentration
  • Results in longer span life on rough terrain
  • Longer center pivot life
  • Best cost-value

5. The world’s leading dealer network

Grower-with-dealer.pngUnbeatable service comes standard when you buy a Valley. Our network of more than 400 dealers can answer all your questions.

Putting the grower first is not just a slogan at Valley – it is a part of our culture. When you purchase a Valley, you are not just buying the best irrigation equipment available, you are getting a dedicated team to support you after the sale. You get responsive, factory-trained technicians who you can count on for support after the sale, when you and your crops need it most.

Discover the difference owning Valley pivots can make for you and your operation. Talk to your Valley dealer today.

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