Wind Energy Equipment

Wind industry

For more than 16 years, Valmont SM has successfully supplied components and products to the wind energy industry. Valmont SM currently supplies wind turbine towers and direct-drive generator rotor houses to the leading wind turbine manufacturers in the world, and can supply tower sections with unit weights up to 165 tons to the on- and offshore markets.


Wind energy equipment

Valmont SM manufactures fully equipped wind turbine towers for both onshore and offshore wind farms. Valmont SM has a fully automated production facility as well as a robot-automated coating facility designed and fully dedicated to the sandblasting, metallization and coating of wind turbine towers with a diameter of up to 6m and length of 40m.

Valmont SM manufactures direct-drive generator rotor houses for direct-drive based wind turbines. The direct-drive generator rotor house is a key component in the direct-drive wind turbine technology. It is placed between the blades and the mainframe. It houses the magnets that rotate together with the blades and sets high requirements for the tolerances under production of the rotor house.