Composite Structures

Composite Structures


Valmont Composite Structures, Inc., offers several of the top composite product brands available in the North American utility industry. Composite products are non-conductive and will never rust, making them an attractive solution for many utility applications. Shakespeare is a leading brand of composite pole, arm, and safety barrier fencing systems for the North American power transmission and distribution markets. CMT offers Marathon composite products of exceptional quality which are crafted with a unique, centrifugally cast manufacturing process. Carsonite is a leader in providing marking, testing, safety, and installation products for electric power, telecommunications, oil and gas pipeline, water, and sewer utilities.

T&D poles

• Shakespeare


Barrier systems


• Carsonite

Composite transmission and distribution poles

The Shakespeare next-generation Tuff-Pole® composite utility poles are stronger, lighter, and longer lasting than ever. To achieve the Tuff-Pole formula, we engineered new resin formulations and fiberglass configurations, applied new automated process controls, and added advanced UV inhibitors and coatings for long life in adverse weather conditions.

CMT designs and produces Marathon composite poles for power distribution applications. These poles will never rust and are ideally suited for direct burial in most every soil condition. The lightweight design and rugged composite construction provides many benefits.


Composite cross-arms

Shakespeare Composite Structures Lewtex® composite crossarms bring proven strength and durability to your most demanding applications. Our extensive testing program includes industry-standard beam testing, as well as extended UV testing.


Non-conductive safety perimeter fencing

Beautifully non-conductive, high-performance AcoustaWall™ makes your transformer installations and switching stations more attractive and less intrusive. The sound and privacy barrier installs quickly and easily around transformer yards, switching installations, work sheds and other essential utility assets.


Utility markers for safety

Carsonite has the right marking products and solutions for any application, location or terrain. Our rugged utility markers are available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet any requirements. Most can also be customized with logos, decals, reflective sheeting and even direct printed graphics. Carsonite markers are highly visible, corrosion resistant, fire resistant and durable.