Grinding Media

Grinding Media

Valmont, via Donhad Pty Ltd,  offers its customers a comprehensive grinding media advisory, manufacturing and supply service.

Our technical support team of experienced production metallurgists are focused on achieving the lowest possible cost per tonne of ore ground. A continual program of research and development ensures that our material usage and production processes are at the cutting edge of the industry internationally.

In consultation with our clients we actively monitor and cross correlate grinding media consumption with mill performance to reduce kilowatt hours per tonne and maximize grinding efficiency.

Our manufacturing facility utilises a continuous bar forging system with induction heating. This operation manufactures balls ranging in size from 27mm to 105mm. Balls in the size range 125mm to 150mm are produced by upset forging.

Steel chemistry and heat treatment are tailored to ball diameter and intended application to optimize mechanical integrity and wear resistance. This produces a ball which resists spalling and breakage.

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