Grating and Expanded Metals

Steel Grating

Steel grating is manufactured in numerous combinations of load bar depth and thickness, load bar pitch and cross rod pitch.

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Aluminum Grating

Valmont Webforge aluminum grating has grown from what was an option to mild steel products catering to different environment requirements, to a product that offers a distinctive and versatile design element now featured on a number of leading edge projects. It provides an access solution, particularly in wet or mildly corrosive areas.

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Perforated and Expanded Metal

Expanded metal is produced when a flat metal plate is sheared and stretched but is left intact at the 'knuckles'. It is available in a variety of thicknesses with differing opening and ribbon dimensions.

The strands and knuckles are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the sheet. This adds strength and rigidity and distributes the load to the supporting frames.

Perforated metal is punched forming a huge variety of patterns and profiles. Holes may be uniformly distributed or a random combination of hole sizes and spacing is possible.

PicPerf creates an image using the perforating process.

Locker Group can now also provide perforated 3D patterns, our first is called, 'Dragonscale'. Dragonscale

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