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Press Releases - News | Valley Irrigation

Press Releases

The Latest News from Valley® Irrigation

Valley Irrigation Introduces Pivot Cruise Control

Valley Irrigation, the leader in precision irrigation, introduced Pivot Cruise Control™ software, which allows producers to be even more precise with chemigation and fertigation. Cruise Control is the latest Valley Irrigation product that demonstrates the company’s dedication to meeting customers’ needs through innovation.

“We’ve been asking the irrigation industry for something like this,” said Kent Madison, a diversified crop producer who farms in the Columbia basin area of Oregon. “Valley Irrigation was responsive and really listened to customer demand. I really think Cruise Control can do for the irrigation industry what GPS did for autosteer.”

With the patent pending Cruise Control, available exclusively from Valley Irrigation, producers can program a center pivot irrigation machine equipped with a Pro2 control panel to automatically adjust its speed, based on completing a defined number of degrees in a specific amount of time.

This feature will help producers more precisely manage chemigation and fertigation through their center pivot irrigation equipment.

“If you have product to cover 125 acres under a pivot, you need it to cover exactly 125 acres,” said Madison. “If a pivot travels too fast during chemigation, you don’t apply enough chemical where you wanted it, and you might even get an overlap of application. If it travels too slowly, you run out and are left with a wedge of ground that goes untreated, and you might have to buy more product.”

John Rasmus, controls product manager for Valmont, the parent company of Valley Irrigation, said that producers should find Cruise Control very easy to use.

“Producers already have a lot of individual elements to manage in the day-to-day operation of their farms, and they have only so many hours in the day,” said Rasmus, “so we made sure Cruise Control would be simple to operate.

Cruise Control will be standard on all Pro2 panels this spring. Existing Pro2 control panels can be upgraded with Cruise Control software.