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Valley® BaseStation3™

Take Total Control of Your Operation – Anywhere, Anytime


Modern Irrigation Equipment and Systems Management

BaseStation3™ from Valley® Irrigation is the most innovative, state-of-the-art irrigation management solution on the market, pushing monitoring and control technology to the next level to improve your farm and your quality of life. Remotely manage all your irrigation equipment from a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – using native iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android apps – for more control and more freedom. 

Choose an Internet-connected or stand-alone installation, and select  data radio, cellular modems, Internet protocol or a combination of technologies – a choice no one else offers. With Valley BaseStation3, you no longer need to plan your life around your irrigation schedule. Now, you can schedule irrigation around your life. 

Now you can try BaseStation3 for free before you purchase it. Our new Demo gives you a hands-on, no-commitment test drive of the full capabilities of BaseStation3. The Demo puts you in control of a simulated BaseStation3 farm where you can explore all the features and benefits of this groundbreaking irrigation equipment management tool. Be sure to check out the different ways to view your farm, including Groups, the Google Map™ view, and the VRI and soil moisture layer views. Create a step program, generate reports, discover Destination ETA and Valley-exclusive Cruise Control™, and dig into Auxiliary Link control and monitoring features. Use the Demo to find out how BaseStation3 can increase efficiency and productivity on your operation and improve your quality of life. Try it today for free.

Also check out the BaseStation3 mobile app "Demo" mode. Just download the free BaseStation3 app and click on the Demo button. See for yourself how much easier irrigating can be. Download the mobile app and demo from your app store below:

Test Drive BaseStation3 App Store Google Play

  • Remotely manage all your center pivots, linears, solid set, subsurface, pumps, and gensets, without driving to the field
  • Access from any computer, laptop, tablet, or your smartphone using Android™ and iOS native apps
  • Google Web map and "My Map" views
  • Auxiliary link monitor and control 
  • Instant, at-a-glance status updates
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Enhanced soil moisture monitoring
  • Linear machine support
  • Easily accommodates upgrades to grow as your operation grows
  • Allows multiple, simultaneous users
  • Tiered levels of access and security for designated users
  • Data radios, cell modems, or Internet protocol technologies
  • Internet-connected or stand-alone installation
  • Advanced reports and data export (applied water, equipment,  maintenance, etc.)
  • Multiple farm and field management
  • Generates alert notifications via graphical interface, email, and/or text message
  • Dexter Fortson Associates, Inc. (DFA) pump station application programming interface (API)
Reliable Multiple ways to receive updates on your equipment
Durable Valley designed — engineered for long life
Precise Customized for you, by specially trained engineers, right here in Valley, NE
Advanced Control and monitor your irrigation equipment without driving to the field
Responsive Valley dealers — unmatched service and support

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