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Expanding Your Irrigated Acres with Valley Corner Systems

by User Not Found | Feb 14, 2019

As we begin 2019, we look forward to what the new year will bring, such as market conditions, whether your favorite football team will finally have a championship season, or if you’ll be able to stick with your own personal New Year’s resolution.

Maybe you’re part of the 80% of people whose resolutions fail. So what about a resolution for your operation’s 2019 growing season? If you need some ideas, I’ll throw out a few that I know Valley® Irrigation will be able to help with.

1. How about minimizing the time you spend traveling to your center pivot or linear irrigation machines? The Valley line of remote irrigation management solutions can put control of all your irrigation machines in the palm of your hand, allowing you to spend less time in the field and devote more time to important things like your family.

2. If you’re thinking, “This year I want to know when, where and how much to irrigate based on real-time field conditions,” we have the answer. Valley Scheduling can provide real-time irrigation recommendations based on measured field conditions and field-specific inputs, which will recommend exactly that: when, where, and how much to irrigate.

3. Last but not least, why not try to expand your irrigated acres in 2019 without having to purchase or rent more ground? One of the most cost-effective ways to grab extra acres out of your existing irrigated field is with the Valley line of corner irrigation machines.

If #3 is the one you want your operation to pursue, I know Valley Irrigation has the solutions to make this the easiest resolution you’ve ever committed to.

VFlex_cornerWhen Valley developed the precision capabilities of the VFlex, we didn't cut any corners … but we do help you irrigate around them.

Valley’s Solution to Your Growing Season Resolution

With more than 40 years of experience manufacturing corner machines, you could say Valley knows a thing or two about corners. Today, the Valley VFlex and Precision Corner® provide two different, unique corner options that can be tailored your fields’ exact needs.

Valley VFlex

After several decades of operation, we brought the Valley Corner back to the drawing table. This discussion yielded the creation of the VFlex corner, which continues to boast the most available corner features and options in the market, while providing superior water application.

Utilizing “start-stop” operation, the VFlex was designed with an updated version of the proven track-and-roller system. Available in two different span profiles, three different corner lengths, and more options than I can even fit into this blog post, the VFlex can be configured to handle any of your crop requirements or field conditions.

Valley Precision Corner

precision_cornerThe Valley Precision Corner is another efficient way to bring more of your acres into production.

Further advancing our corner portfolio, the Precision Corner was released in 1998 as yet another technological achievement. Utilizing the trusted ball-and-socket connection, this corner was designed to be a constant-move machine. Propelled by variable frequency drive gear motors in conjunction with electronic sequencing, the Precision Corner excels in water uniformity during operation.

To further optimize application uniformity, the Valley Water Utilization Package can be added exclusively on the Precision Corner, allowing for even greater application accuracy in proper conditions. Sold standard, the Valley Corner Operator Interface panel allows for precise diagnostics to allow for fast and accurate trouble shooting, minimizing downtime. There are countless other options available for this corner, which will help make expanding your irrigated acres in 2019 a breeze.

Both the VFlex and Precision Corners have numerous shared options, such as two available guidance solutions, competitive machine retrofit attachments, inverted or trailing operation, and even PolySpan® options for corrosive water operation. Regardless of which corner you choose, you can be assured that Valley corner systems will continue to give your operation expanded irrigated acres year after year.

To learn more about VFlex or Precision Corners, or how Valley can help you achieve your operation’s growing season resolution, please contact your local Valley Irrigation dealer.

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Preston Parmley is a native of Elkhorn, NE, and has a degree in Mechanized Systems Management from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Preston began working at Valley Irrigation in the Spring of 2017 as an Associate Product Manager for Linear & Corner Structures, Engines and Guidance Equipment.