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The Best Irrigation Equipment: Valley Brand Loyalty Explained

by User Not Found | Nov 24, 2018

Since 2011, Ag Equipment Intelligence and Farm Equipment magazine have polled farmers about what could make them change from their favorite brand of equipment.

Over that time, the top six reasons have all remained the same, although their order has shifted.

Last year, the top six reasons were:
1. Better product engineering. 
2. Better parts availability. 
3. Better dealer repair/service. 
4. Product specialists at dealership. 
5. Lower equipment invoice price. 
6. Better manufacturer warranty.

At Valley®, we’re glad to read reports like this.

Our desire for continuous improvement means we always enjoy hearing what customers have to say. Furthermore, when reviewing the six factors, each of them are aspects at which Valley Irrigation excels. There’s a reason we’ve been number 1 for decades.

1. Better product engineering.

Valley irrigation equipment is durable, reliable and built to last, so growers can see a substantial return on their initial investment. The structural strength of a Valley center pivot is the result of careful engineering and manufacturing practices.

The unique design eliminates the high stresses and strains from the pipeline. The truss angles and rods are standardized, so they are easy to install and service. The pivot assembly, pipeline, drive units and bracing are all protected with high-quality galvanizing.

Plus, Valley machines have the most reliable drive trains in the business. The Valley gearbox is manufactured in the USA, and we test each one before it leaves the factory. Our gearboxes are known as the most dependable and durable throughout the industry. The center drive has a long-lasting, reliable motor with extra-large intermediate gear bearings for longer life. 

2. Better parts availability.

Wear and tear normally happens to even the most durable irrigation machines. Valley dealers recognize that having Valley Genuine Parts ready for installation by trained technicians is an important part of what makes Valley center pivots and linears your best value. We guarantee the best quality and best value for all of your needs.

We maintain four distribution centers for our Valley Genuine Parts, plus four regional parts outlets around the world, to support local Valley dealers’ inventory of irrigation supplies.

3. Better dealer repair/service.

Valley dealers are your local irrigation experts. Their factory-trained technicians have the education, technology and inventory necessary to resolve any problem quickly and efficiently.

Since the mid-1950s, more than 50 irrigation equipment manufacturers have come and gone, but don’t worry if you have an “orphan” machine. Valley dealers are trained to service and install Valley parts for most other brands. Our goal is to keep your equipment moving and doing its job, enabling us to earn your business – now and in the future.

dealer picValley dealers are the best in the business, with certified training that enables them to service all brands of equipment.  

4. Product specialists at dealership.

Valley dealers deliver the highest standards of sales and support for your business.

To keep our dealers at the forefront of the industry, Valley offers continuing education opportunities across the country during the off-season. These schools and specialized events offer an intensive combination of online lessons, classroom-style teaching, and hands-on practice.

· Technicians are certified annually by Valley.

· Valley dealers have an extensive inventory of Valley Genuine Parts.

· Select dealerships offer turnkey solutions, from pump to pivot.

· Select dealerships use GPS service rigs to work more efficiently, saving time and miles.

· Only Valley dealers have the experience to service all brands of irrigation equipment.

Technology and farming are more integrated than ever before, and only Valley offers the Certified Technology Advisor (CTA) program. Through a combination of classroom training, documented field experience, online courses and a comprehensive exam, those who earn the CTA designation have demonstrated expertise in:

· Smart panels

· AgSense®, a smart irrigation solution from Valley

· BaseStation3


5. Lower equipment invoice price. 

There’s more to overall value than low price.

· Valley equipment lasts longer.

· Valley center pivots are engineered, constructed and field-tested to handle growers’ varying and challenging operating conditions.

· They are known to have the most durable structure in the marketplace and have a longer lifespan than other product brands, as proven by independent tests.

· Finally, they command the highest resale value.

The total cost of ownership is lower with Valley because there are fewer problems. The return on investment is greater than with competing brands because of our reliability, durability, advanced technology and superior efficiency.

pivot-1For the greatest value in irrigation equipment, look no further than Valley, the brand generations of growers trust to provide reliable, long-lasting solutions for their operation.

6. Better manufacturer warranty.

When you buy a Valley, you’re getting the best. We offer warranties that demonstrate our commitment to stand by the top quality of our products:

· Valley gearboxes and center drives

· Drive train, electrical, structural and sprinkler conversion packages

· Corrosion Protection

· Technology and Control Panels

· Tires and Flotation

Of course, there are other considerations besides the length of a warranty. Ask what the warranty covers. Does it cover parts only, or does it cover both parts and labor?

We’re confident that our unique combination of strong warranty, responsive service and superior quality sets us apart. Contact your local Valley dealer for more information about specific warranties in your region.

The Valley Difference

These results of the Farm Equipment magazine survey speak to why generations of growers have stood by Valley equipment, as well as why conversions to Valley equipment are becoming even more popular. Contact your local dealer today to experience the Valley difference for yourself.

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